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Most of what you'll find here is DC Comics/Justice League & Justice League Unlimited fic; Team Fortress 2, and original fiction, can be found listed as well, however.

DC Comics/JLU

The seriously long Bruce/Wally series has it's own page, in the interests of space. Cross-dressing, silliness, angst, and even mpreg are over that way: The Wally'Verse.


A Little Less Conversation
NC-17; sexual content

Wally shows Diana a night on the town and Diana shows Wally what she does when she wants to have her way.

Unburning Bridges
R; sexual content

Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl settle an old grudge; in bed.

Cavern Formations
Bruce & J'onn

Batman asks J'onn to share in something he loves.

Running Hot & Cold
NC-17; sexual content

Infected with Red Kryptonite, Superman has his way with Batman... who's not really protesting.

The Sex Lives of Superheroes
R; sexual content

A publicity stunt leads to the surprising truth behind the original seven.

PG-13; language

Booster Gold has a habit of annoying everyone; even his boyfriend.

The Amazon & The Escape Artist
R; for Diana/Diana. XD

Diana meets an Amazonian stranger...

Joker & Batman

The Joker tries to explain the nature of reality to Batman for the last time.

Batman, By Definition
Bruce & Clark
R; language

The results of a DNA test on his own blood leaves Batman wanting answers.

The Adventures of Deathstroke & Quirp
Slade, Quirp, Bruce

Deathstroke picks up unwanted help from an Atlantis escapee.

We'll Always Have Metropolis (Part One) (Part Two)
NC-17; sexual content, language

Before leaving to join the Corps, Kyle starts a relationship with the Flash that spans his career off-planet.

The Choice
Darkseid, Scott

A "what-if?" look at what Scott Free's place in the universe might have been.

A Secret Admirer

Batman investigates gifts left by a secret admirer on Valentine's Day.

The Secrets of the Tenth Floor Supply Closet
NC-17; sexual content

Searching for a box of porn, Jimmy finds a secret and a blushing virgin, instead.

The Rescue
Clark, J'onn

Trapped in a fire, J'onn struggles to save himself and a child... when Superman arrives.

The Overnight Shift
Me, Batman, Flash

A lowly McDonald's register girl and her night working in Gotham City.

Scenes From The Watchtower's Kitchen
DCU founding seven

A naked Batman interrupts root beer float time in the Watchtower.

Sequelized Stories

After The End of The World
NC-17; violence, non-consensual sex

The Flash attempts to intervene when Superman finally kills Luthor, becoming his prisoner in the Fortress.

The Broken Reflection
NC-17; violence, non-consensual sex

Sequel to "After The End of The World."
Finally freeing himself, Wally finds himself going back to Clark... in the world of the Justice Lords.

A Lifting Fog
Big Barda/Superman/Mister Miracle/Batman
NC-17; explicit group sex

In the days of JLI, Clark & Bruce grow closer as part of Scott & Barda's marriage.

- Fog, The Home of Scott & Barda, An Invitation to Dinner
- Bonds
- Essential Senses
- Role-Play & A Man's Job
- Making Headlines
- Spelunking & Ten Seconds
- Showtime!

The Pirates of Vengeance
AU Bruce/Wally and Clark/Wally
NC-17; sexual content, questionable consent, violence

Captured by pirates, a British Naval man becomes tangled in intrigue and a willful slave.

This series is currently unavailable, as I have begun editing it for publication. Any news on that will be posted, and side-stories remain readable for the time being.

- Chapter 1: The Beginning
- Chapter 2: The Footrace
- Chapter 3: Questions and The Island
- Chapter 4: Slave Ships and Fortunes
- Chapter 5: A Change In Priorities
- Chapter 6: The Flash
- Chapter 7: A Crossroads of Choice
- Chapter 8: The Royalty of the Sea
- Chapter 9: Four Years Ago in England
- Chapter 10: Running Away from Home
- Chapter 11: Songs of Sirens
- Chapter 12: Among the Mercenaries
- Chapter 13: Things Done In Darkness
- Chapter 14: Captains
- Chapter 15: Children

Other work in this universe...
Wally's Journal at Sea
The Intentions of Captain Scott

From Mars, With Love
R; sexual themes

Brought together by an accident, Wally & J'onn grow together with a telepathic bond.

- Starting With a Dream
- Singularity
- Saturday
- A Different Perspective
- Courtship Rituals
- The Rock, Part One: Separation Anxiety
- The Rock, Part Two: If Wishes Were Dragons...
- The Rock, Part Three: In Which Things Are Not As They Appear
- The Rock, Part Four: The Messiah Ward

A Long Way From Home
NC-17; sexual content, bondage

Without memories, Bruce & Clark must survive being sold as pets in another galaxy.

- Part I: Captivity (Part Two)

- Part II: Fugitives

The Bruce/Wally Bondage Fics
NC-17; sexual content, BDSM themes

With Flash as a suspect, Batman investigates Wally West... very closely. It leads to a lot more... with rope.

- A Simple Misunderstanding
- A Bribe For Catwoman
- Ticklish
- Pearls
- Runner Feet

Team Fortress 2

All of these were initially posted at TF2chan.

Real Men Knit
Fluffy, sex-free support class knitting fic.

Could You Look at This?
Spy/Scout/Medic rapefic, toppings in that order.

Monster In The Water
Tentaspy/Scout, Medic/Tentaspy, Scout/Scout, others.
NC-17; reverse tentacle rape, sex of many kinds, violence

Every Spy but one dies quickly; a RED Scout discovers why.

- Initial Post
- Use The Knife (Interlude between major story section, of our squiddy friend's backstory.)
- Posts Two & Three
- End of First Thread

Original Fiction

Victor & Yvette
A backstory for my gender-twisted character in the tabletop RPG Burning Wheel.

Bryan's Mask
Written in college for Creative Writing. A boy meets a real-life vigilante.

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