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For posterity, later reference, etc. Edited for relevance.

The FlashScout in the Circlejerk

Aunt Shankie: I need to stop doing horrible things to my favourite characters.
Aunt Shankie: goddamn.
GPSirKai: ?
YggiDee: maybe yes
Every Boy: Heelllo
GPSirKai: Hi.
YggiDee: yo
Every Boy: And no. Doing horrible things to characters is wonderful
Aunt Shankie: I can't, not yet, anyway, due to Obligations, but. Yeahhhhh... someday. I will write happy fluffy fics and nothing but.
Aunt Shankie: Me, too.
YggiDee: Or at least give a happy ending to a sad story
RedSpine: Shankie did you write the story about flash scout? or is this a different thing you have done?
Aunt Shankie: Different things in progress.
RedSpine: Ah.
Aunt Shankie: That story will happen after at least one is wrapped up.
YggiDee: Well there was an update to monster in the water... and I suspect things will go South soon
Aunt Shankie: I will not confirm nor deny that.
Every Boy: In a good way?
Aunt Shankie: I can only hope.
YggiDee: "Going South" does not happen in a good way, else we would not call it "Going South"
YggiDee: We would call it "Going Kittens" or something
Aunt Shankie: haha
RobotLyra: Or Going to Happy Acres
Aunt Shankie: Is good point.
Aunt Shankie: I'll definitely have to be making Flash Scout a very happy story, or at least, keep as much angst at bay as I can.
YggiDee: Yaaaaay
YggiDee hugs Aunt Shankie
Aunt Shankie: :D
RedSpine: Flash Scout. No intelligence is safe from him.
Aunt Shankie: More or less.
YggiDee: Nor snadviches
YggiDee: *sandviches
Aunt Shankie: I'm thinking I might make it the fault of a respawn glitch.
RedSpine: Oh?
YggiDee: Too much BONK
Aunt Shankie: Too much Bonk plus drinking it while getting shot in the head.
YggiDee: isotopes man
YggiDee: isotopes
Aunt Shankie: In-deed.
RedSpine: Ah. That could easily cause problems.
YggiDee: or better yet, Bonk spiked with booze
Aunt Shankie: haha
YggiDee: then he slips some caffiene in there one day...
YggiDee: And Scout becomes one with the universe
Aunt Shankie: An accidental batch of 100X strength Bonk is shipped to 2fort one day...
Ashsflames: Medic decides to test out one of his new "uppers"
Ashsflames: By slipping it to scout.
YggiDee: Scout can pitch bat and outfield at the same time
Every Boy: Scout accidentally eats a few of Solly's pills (which you know he never takes)
Ashsflames: AT THE SAME TIME
Aunt Shankie: That's what I was thinking...
Aunt Shankie: heh
YggiDee: in an increasingly ridiculous ploy by the Announcer
Aunt Shankie: All these factors combined make Super Scout.
YggiDee: to make the Perfect Scout
Aunt Shankie: haha
YggiDee: so fast you can't hear him speak
Aunt Shankie: You can hear him talk, but only make out like, half the consonants so he's worse than Pyro. And he's never patient enough for anyone else to finish a sentence longer than three words.
YggiDee: so does he communicate via post-it notes?
YggiDee: ON PYRO
Aunt Shankie: haha
RedSpine: No. because his speed in writing causes a fire to start from the friction of the pencil on the post it note.
Aunt Shankie: So they're scorched.
YggiDee: fortunately his short attention span keeps him from being bored for the rest of eternity
RedSpine: Y'know..i think this is the begining of making super hero tf2 characters...scout gets speed. And engy totally goes power armor.
YggiDee: No engy is a cyborg
YggiDee: we discussed this
RedSpine: oh yeah.
Aunt Shankie: I think it might make him more than bored. He'd be too impatient to do anything with anyone else. And he's trapped on friggin' this tiny place he can run across in less than 30 seconds.
Aunt Shankie: ...if not faster
YggiDee: so he spikes everyone elses' drinks, hoping to get other fast people
Aunt Shankie: haha yessss
Aunt Shankie:'ll never work, derp
RedSpine: I can see scout getting a kicked out of running on water for the first time.
YggiDee: C'mon c'mon drink it
YggiDee: why aren't you drinking it
YggiDee: its totally not poison
YggiDee: fine maybe a little
YggiDee: fag
Aunt Shankie: Awesome.
Aunt Shankie: I'm also imagining the various ways he will injure himself before he figures out how to get a handle on super-speed.
YggiDee: running into walls
YggiDee: all of them
YggiDee: off cliffs
RobotLyra: I shouldn't have stayed up until 3am last night
RedSpine: trying to stop period.
Aunt Shankie: OH GOD WHERE DID THAT HEAVY COME FROM ::slams them both into a wall at the speed of sound, gibs fly everywhere::
YggiDee: friction burns off his shoes, feet
YggiDee: bursts into flames
Rebbacus: left with stumps for legs
RedSpine: Flash scout would stop using guns i think.
Aunt Shankie: haha
Aunt Shankie: Yeah.
RedSpine: Seeing as he'd be able to run beside the bullets.
Aunt Shankie: After outrunning the bullets and killing himself repeatedly.
Aunt Shankie: He'd give up.
YggiDee: oh god FlashScout probably has a ridiculous metabolism
YggiDee: steals all andwiches
Aunt Shankie: He'd be used as a weapon of attrition, stealing all of the BLU team's food.
Aunt Shankie: (cuz you know he's a RED)
YggiDee: On the other hand, he is the only person, THE ONLY PERSON, who you can garuntee is not BLU Spy in disguise
Aunt Shankie: So true.
RedSpine: Spy: "Two days. That's all it took for him to eat through all of the food."
Aunt Shankie: hahaha
YggiDee: you can't fake that twitch
Aunt Shankie: When he's anxious he's blurry.
YggiDee: vibrates!
Ashsflames: kick self
You fail to kick yourself.
kick self
You fail to kick yourself.
kick self
You fail to kick yourself.
I am a terrible kicker.
Ashsflames: MUDs are fun.
Aunt Shankie: haha
Aunt Shankie: Oh god. He trys to jack off and gives himself a horrible burn on the cock. Has to go to Medic.
YggiDee: Aaaaghgaghag
RedSpine: Ack.
YggiDee: Medic is unsympathetic
Ashsflames: Won't even have to jack off for that
Ashsflames: THe friction from his highspeed running
Ashsflames: In those pants
Ashsflames: Ouch.
Aunt Shankie: Truth.
Aunt Shankie: Medic will assume it was from jacking off.
Aunt Shankie: Because he's a dick.
Aunt Shankie: If there are two Scouts on the team, the other will suffer from an extreme sense of inadequacy.
Ashsflames: "'eyfuckyouyafuckingfaggotjustbecauseyoutouchyourselfdoesn'tmeanIdonowhealmydickalreadyitreallystings
Ashsflames: comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeonFUCKYOUI'MOUTTAHERE
Ashsflames: *zoom*
Aunt Shankie: hahahaha
Ashsflames: And of course, the scene that MUST BE DONE
Aunt Shankie: Oh, it will.
YggiDee: *returns, steals burn cream, leaves*
Aunt Shankie: ahahahahahahaaha oh gawd
YggiDee: *Wrench*
RedSpine: If the second scout starts to feel bad. It simply mean he'll become Batscout.
Ashsflames: Engineer shoots himself.
Ashsflames: Repeatedly.
Aunt Shankie: BATSCOUT
YggiDee: How many times can Flashscout jump?
RedSpine: He already has the "I'm Bat Man" achievement
Aunt Shankie: Batscout will angst in the corner and begin perching on things and being "that guy" that you never hear walking up behind you.
Aunt Shankie: Truth.
YggiDee: He must live far beyond the meager lands of the doublejump
Aunt Shankie: HMM
Aunt Shankie: SIX
Aunt Shankie: Or else he'll friggin' splat
RedSpine: flashscout can only double jump..but the momentum means he gets more out of it.
YggiDee: Or one big one
Aunt Shankie: Oooh, good point.
YggiDee: just 'hup!' and he is in the stratosphere
YggiDee: comes back down with an albatross
Aunt Shankie: hahaha
YggiDee: they aren't local to the area
RedSpine: hehehe.
YggiDee: gives it to Sniper why not
Aunt Shankie: He'll be often seen with random items and explain he got it in various far-off places. But his attention span is too short to remember to get things for other people more often than not.
YggiDee: But sometimes he does?
Aunt Shankie: Sometimes.
RedSpine: Or he gets things..but forgets who he was supposed to give it to.
YggiDee: Here man I got you a-
YggiDee: what is this?
Aunt Shankie: He's not a dick, he's just an ultra-spazz.
Aunt Shankie: He sleeps like twenty times a day, but always briefly, in random locations.
YggiDee: the roof
YggiDee: kitchen table
Ashsflames: HeyspyIgotyouthisberetsinceyou'reafrogIhopeyoulikeitheylookabirdIbetIcouldcatchitinmymouthwannaseehereIgoreadyset123*zoomthud**muffledvoice*heyguyslooktoldyaIcouldgetitwhowantsitthisthingtasteslikeshitptooiealrightlaterfags*zoom*

The Tentascootfamily with DuskZephyr

Shankie: So... I have a problem, heh
Dusk Zephyr: what's wrong?
Shankie: Well, nothing drastic.
Shankie: You know how I was going to write my Tentaspy drunk and stuff..?
Dusk Zephyr: oh yeah, I think I remember that
Shankie: Well. My newest update has that, right? I was planning on posting tonight if I can get my beta to have the time, right?
Shankie: The Tentafic inspired by my Tentafic updated tonight, and guess what?
Shankie: Drunk Tentaspy.
Dusk Zephyr: Upload yours anyway =)
Shankie: You sure?
Shankie: It wouldn't be weird or come off like a rip-off?
Dusk Zephyr: Yeah. Put a note saying: oh snap, someone did this before me. But otherwise, why not?
Dusk Zephyr: Every person will do the same concept differently.
Shankie: Yeah my scene's totally different.
Shankie: ..except it's still Drunk Tentaspy chilling with a RED.
Dusk Zephyr: I have second thoughts about posting something a while ago because of exactly this
Dusk Zephyr: I had*
Shankie: Oh?
Dusk Zephyr: Scout and You
Dusk Zephyr: Put it up anyway and all things went well =)
Shankie: You were so the exact right person to ask about this. <3
Dusk Zephyr: <3
Dusk Zephyr: no probs!
Dusk Zephyr: Bah, I still need to update my own damn tenta fic
Shankie: Yeah you do, heh
Dusk Zephyr: pft, only got a page done. /lame
Shankie: When that happens to me I use Write or Die.
Dusk Zephyr: oh yeah - that thing that threatens you to hurry up?
Shankie: Yeah.
Shankie: I was given the desktop version as a gift
Dusk Zephyr: cool =D
Shankie: I was all like "Whine whine bitch Google Chrome hates Write or Die" and then my lady was like "Give me your laptop. Okay, there you go!"
Shankie: hehe
Dusk Zephyr: haha! aww, awesome
Dusk Zephyr: oh hey, weren't we going to do a collab of our two tentaspies?
Shankie: There was talk of it.
Dusk Zephyr: haha
Shankie: ...we should totally do it.
Dusk Zephyr: Yes!
Dusk Zephyr: I'll be speeding up time a little bit soon in my fic, so the tenta is nearly at/is full size
Shankie: Sweet.
Shankie: The trick would be... their origins are like completely different and why would they even meet regardless, haha
Shankie: We'd have to go crack or something.
Dusk Zephyr: probably. Have the two chilling in the sewers waiting for their Scouts and talking about them or something.
Dusk Zephyr: Speaking of which, get the Scout's involved? Foursome?
Shankie: Score!
Dusk Zephyr: :3
Dusk Zephyr: I imagine the Tentaspies would either be happy to share, or have /rules/ about what they can do to the others scout
Shankie: Hmm.
Shankie: I honestly don't think Spy would mind if Scout went off and fucked someone else. I think yours would have the possessiveness going on, heh
Shankie: ...maybe they'd argue about that.
Shankie: While the Scouts are all like horny and C'MON MAN WHAT THE HELL???
Dusk Zephyr: haha!
Dusk Zephyr: too true. Mine is a possessive little git. But if Scout permitted it, he'd relinquish
Shankie: Spy is definitely more defensive, not possessive. Yanno.
Shankie: And he's running around making hanky-panky with random Snipers so he's not one to talk.
Dusk Zephyr: sort of protective. Yeah, they're more open about doing that sort of thing
Shankie: Yeah
Dusk Zephyr: There's more a hierachry with my characters. in tentaspies world, it's Scout, then Sniper, then he obeys no-one sort of thing. and it's more sneaky little things - if they get hurt, he'll get back at their attacker without them knowing
Shankie: Yours has to be much more careful in general about that sort of thing. I'd imagine he still would anyway.
Dusk Zephyr: Yeah. He's not meant to be seen by /anyone/ really. more sheltered life sort of thing
Dusk Zephyr: he'll probably be fascinated to meet another tentaspy
Shankie: Mine will secretly be insanely jealous of the happy life yours has.
Shankie: It may make him bitchy heh
Dusk Zephyr: haha! Yeah. Mine is more fluff than tragedy
Dusk Zephyr: he could try to outdo mine. Who is the best lover?
Dusk Zephyr: *cue sexual showdown that is a mess of tentacles and two naked "judges" caught in the middle*
Shankie: AWESOME
Dusk Zephyr: and once it's over (there's no winner, the judges pass out haha) my tenta offers company whenever yours wants it or something. /starts undressing your tenta haha
Dusk Zephyr: " looks like we shall to judge this ourselves, mon ami. What do you say?"
Dusk Zephyr: idk
Shankie: That would be interesting.
Shankie: I was just thinking "Oh jeeze, someone trying to take Spy's shirt off, he might not react well" heh
Shankie: He's got issues mang.
Dusk Zephyr: haha
Dusk Zephyr: that's cool. they could have one of those...I dunno. Those relationships where one person is so touchy feely and the other person is just -_- all the time
Shankie: I think it'd go like that a bit. Then Spy would turn it into a fight/sex thing or something, haha
Dusk Zephyr: he'd totally win. But my spy would put up a bit of a fight haha
Shankie: Spy would use the victory to lick him.
Shankie: hahaha
Dusk Zephyr: <3
Dusk Zephyr: they don't survive because they're so loud they get eaten real fast
Shankie: Except that one favourite Daddy has.
Dusk Zephyr: hehe! which tenta- oh wait, your's is the daddy. HE'S DOMINANT
Shankie: ...would that make him have three boy-wives, then?
Shankie: derp
Dusk Zephyr: or if the scouts wake up with tons of tentathings on them. "HI DADDY"
Dusk Zephyr: he'd have to dominate them all, which I imagine he would, wouldn't he?
Shankie: I'm sure he would try. Because nobody else is good at defending themselves, it's for their own good, really.
Dusk Zephyr: too true. And mine is probably still quite young so the true sadistic streak would still be nurturing
Shankie: This is true. He'd always be the nice one.
Dusk Zephyr: yeah. I do plan for him to become a true tentaspy (using a gun to do things to one of the reds and all that jazz) but at this point, he's...well, a scout compared to your tenta
Shankie: Well... Spy gets in a bad mood and kills people slowly, so... yyyeeeaaaah
Dusk Zephyr: I imagine they /could/ get along. as long as tenta knows his place haha
Shankie: haha
Shankie: I'm sure they could.
Shankie: Spy's inner desire to not be the only one like him would help quite a lot.
Dusk Zephyr: yeah. the natural curiousity of another one of their own kind would really draw them together
Shankie: Indeed.
Shankie: I can picture them just like... looking each other and touching everywhere all curious for like, hours.
Shankie: ...this whole Happy Tentaspy/Scoot and Tentascoot family thing is making the best images in my head.
Dusk Zephyr: haha!
Dusk Zephyr: Crack canon?
Shankie: Such fluffy crack.
Dusk Zephyr: the four of them as parents?
Shankie: Oh god Scout trying to be a parent.
Shankie: I think the Scouts would end up more like big brothers.
Dusk Zephyr: who get screwed by the real daddies?
Shankie: haha okay maybe... uncles.
Dusk Zephyr: that's work. The uncles who get the kids hyper before bedtime and then leave
Shankie: Exactly.
Shankie: They'd get proper baseball games going. In the water. They'd have to be umpires.
Dusk Zephyr: totally
Shankie: Finding some way to get a ton of candy and turning the Tentascoots into the most spastic things ever.
Shankie: While Spy facepalms and grumbles but secretly thinks it's adorable.
Dusk Zephyr: haha! and my spy just laughes and makes sure to avoid them
Shankie: Little baseball bats made out of sticks flinging around everywhere.
Dusk Zephyr: this is just so cute
Shankie: ...they'd sleep in the most adorable pile ever.
Dusk Zephyr: yes. All over their parents haha
Dusk Zephyr: with the favorites getting cuddles at night
Shankie: d'awww
Dusk Zephyr: the not-favorites fend for themselves/cling onto whatever
Shankie: Stray tentacles. Scout legs.
Dusk Zephyr: haha
Shankie: Waking up in the morning would be complicated.
Dusk Zephyr: oh yeah. Disturb one and they all go off
Dusk Zephyr: imagine try to cop an early morning feel?
Shankie: It'd be like breaking into a vault.
Dusk Zephyr: but if the vault squirms too much, the alarms go off
Shankie: hahaha
Dusk Zephyr: they'd have to have a separate sleeping area for "private times" haha
Shankie: Or just sneak off during the day while the other two run interference.
Dusk Zephyr: haha! routa
Shankie: ...they'd need babysitters to have a four-way on special occasions.
Shankie: The Snipers.
Dusk Zephyr: yeah haha
Dusk Zephyr: then when the little ones grow up, they get attached to the snipers <3
Dusk Zephyr: and a new generation is born. pfffttt
Shankie: hahaha
Dusk Zephyr: a mix of tentaspy and tentascoots. blimey haha
Shankie: I think the Snipers would teach the Tentascoots marksmanship to keep them all busy.
Shankie: Normally they wouldn't be allowed to have guns, but they'd be like those crazy uncles that smoke pot and shit and are a bad influence.
Dusk Zephyr: they really are though. sniper /let/ scout keep the tenta haha
Shankie: Indeed he did.
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