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Oct. 16th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Whoever nominated all of the Numinous World relationships for Holly Poly, I love you. ♥

(If it's not someone reading this, I'm going to be very surprised. Impressed, but surprised.)
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Sakura is another one of those characters so deftly created by Sakai in his "Usagi Yojimbo" series. She wields a whip and travels the land looking for her brother. To that end, she works in several gambling parlours as a dice-handler, reasoning that gamblers are usually the best source of information in their respective cities. To make it even more interesting, Sakai lets on that this whip-wielding gambler is not too right in the head.

This two-parter is her origin story, and her only appearance so far.

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Part II next.

Saga, Chapter Forty-Five

Oct. 17th, 2017 12:39 am
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Romeo and Juliet are also idiotic teenagers who do something incredibly stupid and kill themselves at the end of the story. I thought it would be interesting to start with two people who are adults and not idiotic teenagers. Instead of killing themselves, they have lots of hot sex. But then the result of that sex is a baby. -- Brian K. Vaughan

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Shrine day today

Oct. 15th, 2017 08:53 pm
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We went to the Shinto shrine in town today for the Great Fall Ceremony. That's one of the few where the priest opens the doors to the inner temple during the ceremony. It was an utterly beautiful day so that made the trip even nicer. Much better than if it was super rainy or cold.

Other than that, didn't do much today. The hubby and I walked to the grocery store in town (about 2.5 miles round trip) because I forgot to buy potatoes for the stew I wanted to make today. The stew turned out really good but I got a reminder that my period is coming up after we got home. Massive cramps out of nowhere. This round's going to be winner. *groan*

Because of that I only got 500 words written on a new Drath short (maybe short?) story. Such is live. I had to go lie down for a while because of the stupid cramps.

I did manage to get the last POD done for this year. That means that I can spend this week uploading everything for preorder. Which is just what I wanted. Last week. But a week late is pretty darn good, I think.

Everything I write from now on will be for 2018 publication. :D

Though I do still have the rest of this year to fix the Muirin series so that's on the docket, too. And if I get that done I'll work on the Tindiere series next.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, work, exercises, making pasta for dinner and, I keep saying this and not doing it, making my sushi leggings. It'd be nice to have them for the writing workshop next week. So that's a deadline. Maybe it'll help me actually get them done to have a hard deadline.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!
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One character I didn't profile in previous Usagi Yojimbo posts is actually quite a fan favourite - blind masseur pig Zato-Ino. Based upon Zatoichi, a fictional character in a series of films and a television show, he is sort of this universe's Daredevil. His uncanny sense of smell compensates for his lack of eyesight.

He was introduced in a short 10-page story in Critters #7, January 1987, which can also be found in Fantagraphics' first Usagi Yojimbo book, "The Ronin".

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Ino was used a lot in the Fantagraphics run (1984-1993), then not so much in the Mirage run (1993-1996), when he was retired by Stan with a beautiful story, and has been absent from the Dark Horse 20+ years run. He still remains a favourite for lots of Usagi fans, including several names in the comic book industry.
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What attracted me most to this job was I got to define Aphra as a functioning character in the Star Wars Universe. So the first year is one story. That will be about 15 issues, and it’s kind of, “Here’s Aphra, here’s why she’s a great character, and here is how she impacts the Star Wars universe.” -- Kieron Gillen

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In a world of used ideas spun out into unending single-premise sagas and told in full cyber-enhanced Technicolor, unapologetically we offer up CINEMA PURGATORIO, a black and white horror anthology which reaches for something both new and startling beyond the endlessly recycled characters and concepts of the 60s and the 70s. -- Alan Moore

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