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Follow-up to A Simple Misunderstanding.

I wanted to have some fun with Bruce & Selina double-teaming subbie Wally, and making a totally pornographic BDSM threesome with only one person ever taking any of their clothes off. Welcome to my brain. I'm also knee-deep into what happens after this, back at the cave. Heh.

The Bat symbol mentioned? Think the symbol on the KGB HQ's floor.

A Bribe for Catwoman

Catwoman/Flash, Batman/Flash, mentions of Catwoman/Batman
NC-17; bondage & BDSM themes, voyeurism, explicit use of sex toys, you get the idea.
5K+ words

Batman needs information Catwoman has, but Selina isn’t talking. He provides an incentive that appeals to both of them.

She’d had a stressful day and wasn't particularly pleased to be bothered by the knock on her door.

Although the package left there piqued her interest, she read the note first, plucking it off the chain dangling between brass rings on a red patent collar. A trap, or a bribe; nobody gave gifts for free anymore.

He’s a meta with enhanced speed; I wouldn’t take the red straps off if I were you. I expect him to be returned in good condition.

I also expect to learn who hired you to hit WayneTech.

A bribe, then.

He didn’t look like a meta, but she couldn’t see much of him, really. Wearing a full body suit of black spandex, the kind covering every inch, stylizing his features. He looked like a living doll, obviously muscular and gagged under the fabric. Arms and legs bound under him with black kevlar straps. Just her type.

Selina had to admit, it was a good bribe, if he turned out to be halfway entertaining. Simply for the novelty. She picked him up by a strap running down his back and carried him inside like heavy luggage, locking the door behind her.

The first order of business was to figure out who sent him. Obviously the intent, if the sender was aware of her... hobbies. Was he a whore, hired for this? Or was he paying back a debt? She wouldn’t let him just tell her; that wouldn’t be any fun.

“I have to ask if you’ve landed yourself in this pretty pickle of your own free will.”

He paused before he nodded, putting audible effort into breathing calmly.

“Good, because I’m not that kind of girl. You wait right here, sweetie.” He wasn’t about to go anywhere; the first red strap was around his wrists, which were tied to his collar. The second was around his ankles, also serving to lock on a pair of shiny red boots with stiletto heels.

Nervous, but not scared, he was watching her carefully. His body language read like a book, and at the moment he didn’t know what to do. She left him there a moment to accept that he couldn’t do anything.

Selina changed into something more suitable than a satin nightgown, deciding on tight, black, and comfortable catsuit. She had a new leather corset, and it seemed a good time to start breaking it in. There were steel rings on the waist, perfect to clip her whip to on one side. Honestly, she felt naked without it.

The after-hours suit was hanging in her closet, only recently taken off. She stroked the arm thoughtfully before dressing.

The cats watched her, or didn’t, as they pleased, lounging on the canopy bed. “I might have a little fun tonight, after all,” she said, admiring herself in the mirror. “Don’t let the noise bother you.”

She sat down, beside where Shadow, her dear scarred crone was taking up a feather pillow. Selina stroked her patchy fur until she was purring roughly. The thick scars distinguished-looking on an old fighter. The cat’s tail curved around her hand and Selina smiled. “We’ll have some time later, I promise.”

Her own heels clicked on the wood floor, echoing in her loft apartment. The building had been a factory at the turn of the century, brick and steel beams making up two walls of the living room, the windowed walls overlooking the harbor. Nice and sturdy.

“Well now, let’s get a better look at you. Did Bruce send you, I wonder? Some mafioso, hmm?”

He seemed confused by the questions, but she wasn’t going to make answering easy. That wouldn’t be any fun at all. The black straps unbuckled easily enough; she took them all off, then stepped back to see what he would do. The red ones looked to have been bonded on, would need to be cut off with something sturdy. Not that she was going to.

He stayed on his knees, bent over and looking up at her. Worried and watching, waiting for what she would do.

Selina took the bullwhip off her hip, let it slither down to the floor in her hand.

There was that sweet fear. A soft whine in his throat. Instead of shying back, however, he pulled himself a little closer to her and bent down submissively. Ah-ha. Someone had him trained.

“You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” She said it judgmentally, a little harshly. He dipped a little lower over his knees; she watched any illusions about what he was here for leave. Maybe he’d been hoping that she wouldn’t be interested and would just let him go. “Are you going to give me any trouble?”

He looked up at her, cocked his head to one side. She could tell he was smiling mischievously around the ball in his mouth, following the black-covered shape of his face. This told her clearly that the more she talked, the more comfortable he was.

Terse commands it was.

“Alright. Stand up.”

That he did easily enough that she might say he was used to getting around while he was tied up, teetering a little but straightening up gracefully. The heels matched the collar, the red and black effect striking. She liked the mystery presented, unwrapping him bit by bit.

He was holding his hands down in front of him, in the way, so she moved over by the wall, shook loose a chain from behind the curtain. Watched him react, shift around a little. He could stand, but he certainly couldn’t run anywhere, not steady enough in those boots that he was going to be hopping like a bunny. He was trying to, though.

There was a heavy steel beam running down the center of the high ceiling, handy thing, and the chain draped down from a spot right over the squirming little rabbit. He swayed and bent down unsteadily to avoid it swinging by, doing the same when she grabbed his wrists.

Hopping a few inches, the rabbit made like he was going to fight now, the rings and draping chain jingling around his neck.

She grinned and kept her distance, just let him jump around a little, wobbling precariously.

“If you know why you’re here, I bet you know there’s someone who’s going to be ve-ery unhappy if I don’t think you’re worth my time.”

He still looked like he was trying to cover himself, squeezing his knees together. But this time offered his hands up meekly. He had a stiffie growing in that get-up, at the very reminder that someone was pulling his strings.

“See, that’s better,” she said, wrapped it snug around his wrists, then went back to the wall to pull the chain tight, shimmying and rattling. Tight enough that his arms were pulled straight up, but he could stand fine on his own.

Selina laughed and playfully slapped the whip against him; he jumped and made a startled sound.

A body all muscle. Wide thighs and a narrow waist. Looks he certainly had, so far. Might be ugly as sin under that second skin.

A bullwhip, carefully wielded, could strike with precise, cutting accuracy. With hardly a scratch on his body, she shredded the suit. He squealed and wriggled around, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

Tatters of the costume fell off, until a chest and waist covered in light red lines came bare. It was all smooth.

Selina chuckled and tore some more off, exposing fair skin and shaved legs; most of his body hair had been removed. Only some trimmed decoration down his navel.

His dick was half-hard and nice enough, too, thick and straight. It was decorated with a gold cock ring resting at the base of it, attached to another ring shaped around the head of his cock by a fine chain. It made her think a bisexual and dominant man kept him, just a guess. Nice, but that wasn’t the bombshell.

When she tore off the right leg, it exposed a simple Bat symbol tattooed on the inside of his thigh.

It was either a coincidence or he was more interesting than she thought. He wouldn’t be the first person in Gotham to get one... but the placement was very intimate. Guys tattooed super-hero logos on their biceps, not their groin.

A pair of scissors took care of the rest; she left his face for last. The boy had wavy auburn hair, long lashes someone had darkened with a little brown mascara to make them even longer. Nice lips pulled around a red ball-gag. Early twenties, perhaps, good-looking enough. Pretty for a man built like he was, really, a strong chin but the rest of his face was all cheekbones and vivid emerald eyes.

She had half-expected to recognize him, but didn’t.

“Batman sent you.” She whispered it like a warning, and he confirmed it by whining with fear at the sound of his name, immediately jumping to a full erection.

Tugging on the heavy chain, his shivers were blurry little movements. It reminded her that he was a meta; used to being powerful. Out in the world he’d be stronger and faster than anyone else, but here and now? Just a nervous plaything.

She suspected that he hadn’t been told anything, just trussed up and left on her doorstep.

Selina laughed and shook her head. Could it be, Batman went all leather-Greek in the off-hours? “Did he put this here?” she purred, scratching her nails across the tattoo. He eyed her warily and nodded, didn’t seem to think much of being talked to like a child, frowning when she did it.

The bravery certainly made sense.

“And this?” Her silver-polished nails clicked against the gold ring, a hand-made craftsmanship. She tugged on the fine chain and pushed his hips forward, such a nice fluid motion. “You aren’t one of his partners, are you? Just a toy he has stashed away?” She layed the baby-talk voice on thick, but this time he didn’t seem to mind; too busy moaning and shifting the heels against the floor.

“I suppose I should be honored; he never lets me play with his toys.” Where did the Bat find him, she wondered, and stepped back. She was far more curious as to why Batman would find this all so important as to lend out his meta boy-toy. Maybe he wanted her to know that he had one. “Too worried I’d steal them.”

Maybe he had a harem. She liked the idea, in an envious sort of way.

Definitely time for that warm-up. She took her collection of whips out of the hall closet, took a flogger in her hand, purple leather. Custom made for her, a gift that had a nice weight to it.

It made a satisfying thudding-slap of a sound when it struck; his ass first, his thighs, until they had a nice flush. She struck his chest just to see him throw his head back, wiggling and trying to keep away.

She could tell more that he was a meta; he saw every blow coming and jerked in an attempt to avoid them. But he couldn’t. Selina laughed and decided she’d tell the Bat everything; corporate espionage wasn’t so interesting as it sounded, anyway.

The rabbit wasn’t to her usual tastes, but he was fit and responsive, that decorated manhood shimmering as he wiggled.

The red flush didn’t stay very long on his skin; every time was like the first time. Keeping up with her own work was like a game.

She went back to the bullwhip, which scared the Hell out of the poor dear. He was trying to beg, jumping around in little panicky jerks. Having seen the previous destruction, he had a right to be concerned. But she knew what she was doing.

The whip left a cross-hatch pattern up the side of one leg, then the other. Tiny little cuts at just under the speed of sound.

He reacted to the blows first, then the pain. Jerked his legs up under him and made a muffled howl. Good thing the walls were nice and thick.

“Aww, you don’t like that, sweetie?” His own motion swung him around freely, exposing his back to her. She laid the whip down over it in downward strokes, a few before he reacted and twisted back again, dropping his feet back to the floor.

Quick, very quick.

The rabbit wasn’t begging now, he was watching her, waiting for the next strike. Still hard as a rock, and that set of cock rings would keep him that way. She’d done this enough to know when someone was enjoying it or not, despite protests.

“I bet you just want to fuck me, don’t you? Just, move on past the nasty ol’ whips and chains?”

He whined and pushed his cock out, clenching and relaxing his abs.

“Too bad. That’s not what you’re here for.”

The poor little bunny jumped around in frustration. He needed a tail.

She coiled the bullwhip up on the table and went to her bedroom, took her treasure chest off the shelf--it was black leather with steel bands just like a pirate’s treasure chest should look--then carried it back with her.

“I don’t go all the way on a first date, sweetie. But don’t worry, I have some action for you.” Her biggest dildo was fourteen inches; this wasn’t any of the toys she kept for herself, the big black stick of veined latex was both intimidating and effective.

The rabbits eyes were bugged out; he squeezed his thighs together, ground them back and forth and whined loudly.

“What, not big enough? Should I find a better one?” She had to laugh at the way he shook his head, blurry fast. “Smile now, this is the fun part for you.”

To her endless amusement, he actually did smile around the gag, trying to placate her. Adorable.

The marks on his legs were almost faded, the welts going down and the cuts half healed. A fun catch, indeed. Not a single scar, which made her wonder just how difficult it was to get that tattoo to stay. “I bet that hurt,” she mused, rubbing her thumb over the mark. Dark black and precise, the stylized bat had sleek wings wrapped around over his tense muscles.

He nodded and took a quick, deep breath.

A big dildo also made for a fun instrument to play with even before sticking it in; she slapped his face with it, watched him react with embarrassment and more arousal, lolling his head between his arms.

She watched his face as she snapped a Magnum on the monster, squeezed on lube. He didn’t take his eyes off it, even when she pushed two fingers into his ass, twisting and moaning softly, confirming that he was no stranger to penetration.

Hers was bigger than Batman’s.

As such, she was careful when she took it out of his sight, eased the head in gently, in and out motions. Barely penetrating. The rabbit threw his head back and moaned, loving it, pushing into it.

She shoved it in a few inches and listened to him let out muffled yells, the boots shuffling on the floor.

Selina smiled, watched him sweat and move as she fucked him with it, a little deeper each time. He was still struggling a little, against the pleasure and pain. By the time the fake latex balls were pressed up between his cheeks he was having trouble standing up, sagging in the bonds and begging incoherently.

“Keep that nice and snug in there, okay?”

She didn’t have a bunny tail, but she did have a poofy white scarf she’d once mistakenly believed would be wearable. Winding it up and using a little string tied around the end of the dildo, she made a surprisingly effective bunny tail that sat in the cleft of his rear.

He stamped his feet on the floor and howled indignantly, able to see his own reflection in the dark windows.

“I’m sorry that I don’t have any ears. I know, I know, it’s not the same, but it’s awfully cute, isn’t it?” The bunny seemed to disagree, not that it really mattered.

That he was keeping the dildo inside him, not trying to force it out, was more telling than that. It had to hurt, the way he was squirming and wouldn’t stop moaning.

It stayed there while she worked up a good sweat with her collection; beating him, waiting for the marks to fade some, trying something new.

Making the bunny hop around.

It took some work, but eventually he was looking at her as much as her weapons. Good.

And then, there it was; a pile of used whips and floggers on the table, the most strenuous workout anyone had offered up.

Selina wiped sweat off her brow and took a quick break for a glass of iced tea from the kitchen.

The bunny wasn’t hopping anymore; his skin was finally keeping that marked, red look, so many overlapping that he’d need time to heal the flowering bruises. A few cuts, a little blood, but that wasn’t particularly her cup of tea when she was just playing. He looked exhausted himself, damp with sweat, too tired to fight a little drool on his chin.

She smiled and went to the wall, loosening the chain enough that he held his hands over his chest, wiping off his drool with a tenuous hold on his motor control. There was a similar situation happening with his dick, leaking in withheld desire. That he still couldn’t do anything about.

“Would you like me to take that mean old gag out, sweetie?” She couldn’t help but grin at him, enjoying this so much.

He looked at her like he was afraid she’d refuse if he was too enthusiastic about it, which was just about where she wanted his head to be at. Holding himself up on the chain, wound up. She wanted to talk to him now, so she took it out gently, patting his head. “That’s better, isn’t it?”

The bunny nodded, looked better without the gag, she had to admit.

“What’s your name, sweetie?”

He didn’t say anything, just looked sort of perplexed. She crossed her arms impatiently and he seemed to remember who was in charge of the situation.

“Wally,” he said, in this cute uncertain way. Oh, he was just a peach.

“And you mean me to believe that you’re Batman’s little catamite?”

“Catawhat?” He raised his eyebrows in genuine confusion.

Selina rolled her eyes and laughed. “I see he doesn’t like you for your brains.” The bunny blushed and didn't deny it. “So you would know his secrets, then,” she purred.

That got him worried. She walked back over to him and found the chain on his cock, twisted around her finger just enough to make him shift and whimper.

“You know who he is,” she taunted in a falsetto. “Which belfry he roosts in.”

The bunny laughed, flashed a toothy grin. Tired and beaten as he was, he put his weight back surely on his feet then, ready for more.

Selina didn’t expect him to talk, of course. If Batman wasn’t listening to the entire conversation she’d be shocked.

There was only one thing that could make this more fun. She went to the window and slid the large plate of glass open, leaning out over the balcony. It was chilly, enough that the bunny shivered in the draft.

“You can come out now!” she announced. “Or maybe I’ll see how that cock ring reacts to a taser!”

“Oh please don’t do that, I’ll do whatever you want me to, oh please don’t!”

She sighed and gave him a look that shut him up.

When she looked back, Batman was standing just inside the window, all tall, dark, and spooky. Adding his rich masculinity to the atmosphere by mere presence.

They’d fucked a few times. Rooftop lust, keeping the masks on, rutting in the shadows when something would drive the Bat into a bloodthirsty beast needing a fix. This wouldn’t be one of those times, which made her sigh a little. But a woman can’t let herself get too drawn into a man.

She smiled teasingly, amused that he didn’t seem to be paying any attention to his toy, even though he was silently trying to get Batman’s attention.

“I bet he’s so mean to you, isn’t he sweetie? Big bad man.” She kissed the bunny’s cheek, licked his sweat off her lips as he glanced back and forth between them.

“I can show you how nice I can be to him,” Batman intoned. Then his voice shifted, deeper, sultry. “If that’s what you require.”

“Now there’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

She’d never thought she’d see the day Batman went through her toy chest meaningfully, take out a pair of vibrators with the intent of using them. A slim dildo and thick ribbon followed.

“Have you been a good boy, Wally?”

The bunny nodded, seemed to like being called a good boy. He’d not really reacted to the toys coming out of the box, but when Batman looked at him he looked so joyfully adoring. Any attention at all from him seemed to make him deliriously happy, only confirming the idea that he was, in fact, Batman’s own little toy. Nobody else was going to react to the Dark Knight like that, especially while helpless and naked.

Batman tugged on the tail and gave Selina a skeptical look.

“Wha-at?” Selina purred.

“He’s not your prey to catch, Selina.”

“He’s not really the prey I want to catch at all.”

She knew that, at least for tonight. Watching him work, now, that was something else entirely.

Batman was not gentle or sweet with the bunny, but just watching his face, one might get that impression. He smiled and moaned and tried to spread his legs for Batman, who scratched claws over his skin and began fucking him roughly with the dildo still in there.

Now that had to hurt.

Selina pulled up a chair and settled back comfortably to watch with her drink.

The bunny had his mouth shut tight without trying to talk, gritting his teeth instead of moaning out loud. Quieter than when he was gagged, not twisting out of the way. Squeezing his legs down to the floor like he was trying not to move.

Just restraining him wasn’t enough for Batman. He needed complete control to get off, surprise surprise.

She fantasized for a moment, it was him in the bunny’s position, being fucked by her. That they’d never tried, and probably never would, but she was sure he’d love it. Losing all control, something he’d never let happen. No matter how good it felt. She imagined what his pleas for mercy might sound like.

Batman took the dildo out quickly, replacing it just as quickly with the slimmer one. Moving it around inside him, making that decorated manhood of his twitch and strain. Loving it. Selina bit her finger and grinned, leaning on her arm.

The dildo was replaced with a small but fierce little egg-shaped vibrator, and the ribbon came out, a length pooled off the spool. A smaller version was tied carefully to the base of his cock, a few wraps around to be sure.

Let it not be said Batman didn’t have a sense of humor. He pulled the ribbon around a few times, tying in the vibrator set in the bunny’s ass, then finished off the whole thing with a big bow tied under his balls.

“Bend your knees.” And the bunny did it, lowering down and squeezing his feet against his thighs, even though it literally left him hanging. It had to be painful and difficult, but he stayed like that while Batman took his time, deliberately prolonging the task of straightening the two wires that dangled down to control boxes. Testing them.

The bunny’s chest was heaving as the buzzing sounds went up and down in volume, but he didn’t let his legs down, hardly made a sound with his eyes rolling back in his head, sweat and flushes of pleasure breaking out all over his body.

And he didn’t come, although the ribbon wasn’t nearly tight to hinder that a bit. Although he’d been hard for the entirety of his visit. The vibrator was moving around a little inside it, but not coming loose. The sound of buzzing and heavy breathing in quiet had her consider, then dismiss, the idea of putting on some music.

Batman just stroked the bunny’s body, ensuring Selina had a good view of how bad he wanted to let go.

When he did start making noise, it was soft high-pitched whines he couldn’t keep in. Jerking a little in his bonds. Batman did the small mercy of turning the eggs off while he tied his ankles to his thighs securely with the ribbon, making another big bow under the bunny’s feet.

Unsurprisingly, he knew how to lower the chain down, enough that the bunny was leaning forward on his knees, hanging loose with his head down.

Batman showed a brief moment of returned adoration, looking into the bunny’s eyes as he raised his head with his clawed index finger, then ran it down his face. “Come for me. Until I tell you to stop.”

Instantly, his body went tense and he came on the floor. Gazing up in Batman’s eyes, he was still hard. Seconds later, he writhed in pleasure and did it again.

Batman turned the vibrators all the way up and stood beside Selina’s chair.

“He can be a howler if you let him,” he remarked.

“I like that in a man,” she laughed.

“Wally, you don’t have to be quiet.”

“Oh! Thank you, thank you so! Oh! Much!” he hollered. Batman wasn’t kidding; he started howling and screaming his thanks as he ensured this entertainment was going to need a mop to clean up.

“Now that is amazing,” she announced.

Never in her life had she imagined the concept of a man that could have an orgasm every five seconds. It would take another man to really appreciate that properly.

“Where on Earth did you find him?”

“That would be telling.” He smirked, just a little. She couldn’t tell if he was enjoying himself or not, except when he occasionally licked his lips.

He was like a hungry predator. The bunny was definitely outnumbered.

It was a good thing the neighbors around here knew better than to make a peep about screaming. Batman or Robin were the only ones to react to that kind of noise pollution in this part of town.

She doubted that Robin would be making an appearance.

The bunny began to beg for mercy.

He didn’t stop coming all over her floor, but he did try to talk. The only thing she could make out was “please!” amongst babbling.

“I know you can keep going. It would be rude to disappoint your hostess.”

The bunny tossed his head and wailed, tugged unhappily on the chain and came again. And again.

“How many times is that?” she asked curiously.



“He can make it to seventy-six times in one hour with the proper stimulation.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“I’ll let you use your imagination.”

At about ten more, the bunny just sagged and whined. Squeezing forward when he came, then going limp again. The ribbon was wet and he was all tuckered out, but the vibrator was still moving against his cock as enthusiastically as ever. The few times his face was visible, it was obvious he was trying harder and harder to keep going.

“I’m impressed. My floor is a mess.” She tapped her nails against the glass, licked her lips as the bunny wailed and swung back and forth. “You can tell him to stop now.”

“That’s enough Wally.”

“Oh thank you God,” he gushed. His cock twitched against the egg, but his body completely relaxed.

“Could I have the key?” Batman asked her, as politely as he asked for anything. “Please.”

She smiled as she handed it to him. But not nearly so broadly as the bunny did when he looked up at him. His body was shaking like a little trapped creature, but he was smiling.

Batman turned off the little eggs, unlocked his chain, and used a tiny batarang to cut the red strap off his ankles and the ribbon off his legs. Both the vibrators sat in the black lengths harmlessly.

The bunny clutched his hands to his chest as he knelt and gazed up, as if praying to Batman, who touched his head possessively, smirking at Selina.

“Mop her floor, Wally.”

He didn’t say yes, didn’t complain, just did it. Mostly a blur as he teetered around in the heels, holding the handle awkwardly in his still bound hands, but he did every hard floor in the apartment in under a minute, making the curtains and Batman’s cape swirl around.

Then he knelt back where he’d been, panting.

“Good,” Batman said, and the bunny rested his head against Batman’s leg lovingly.

“Thanks for that,” she said wryly. “Does he do all your housework?”

“He cleans up his messes.” Selina snorted; the bunny was looked a little embarrassed. “Wally, put a new condom on the pink one.”

Instantly, he was holding it the slim dildo. Almost as if he’d never moved at all.

“Handy little skill to have,” Selina remarked. “Being so quick.”

“Mm. Wally, I don’t think I need to clarify what I want you to do with that.”

He laid down on his side, looking so tired, but obedient. The bunny closed his eyes and began pushing it into him slowly, one leg bent up, moaning again. It was difficult to do with his hands together, but he managed. His cock was half-hard, laying in the jewelry, all gleaming and wet beside that Bat on his skin.

Batman didn’t watch him fucking himself; he looked at Selina.

She ignored him at first. Watching the bunny was great. She completely understood now, why Batman kept him. Maybe in a little hutch in that belfry.

“I’m sure you can imagine how badly I want to drag him off and fuck him until he can’t remember his own name, so if you would. Tell me what I want to know.” Ah, yes, this. And his big-bad voice, too.

She smiled at him.

“Do you think your whore was worth the price?”

Batman wasn’t amused. The bunny looked at her like a sad bunny, but didn’t stop pushing the dildo in and out of his ass.

Selina rolled her eyes.

“Isn’t that what this is about? A bribe?”

“An exchange.”

“Well, he was worth it, and I got gypped. Solomon Westford, representing Metro Industries I’m sure, but... that’s speculation on my part. You’re the detective, right?”

“So I’ve been told. I hope you understand that I expect what you took to be promptly returned."

"I'll steal it back for kicks."

The Bat looked pleased enough. "Wally, clean everything up and put it away.”

He paused, got up, then did his Speedy Gonzales thing. He walked back over when he was done, walking funny and looking like he wanted to take a nap.

Shame that rest wasn’t in his immediate future.

But she’d be thinking about it, what he’d be doing instead.

Batman cut off the strap around the wrists, then collected his bunny under his arm, letting the cape fall over him as they walked to the window.

“Wally,” Selina called, standing up.

Batman turned so the bunny could face her, clutching Batman’s body with his newly freed hands. Looking smaller inside Batman’s cape.

“Yes?” he timidly replied.

“You were a good little bunny for me. I hope the mean old Bat is nice to you tonight.”

“Thank you,” he uncertainly replied, almost like a question.

“Goodnight, Selina,” Batman said firmly, clutched Wally, and sailed out into the darkness.

Selina laughed and shut the window, then went to bed. She’d touch herself later. Right now, she’d promised her babies some company, and took off the corset, then curled up on her blankets.

Batman offered excellent bribes. It was a shame he almost never did. Oh well. The cats purred with her, and she’d been thoroughly entertained.

So much for the quiet evening.

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Mmmmmmmmmmm. This was a positively wonderful fic! Such gorgeous description, and what a terrific Selina voice you have! And subbie Wally is a beautiful image.

A few of my favorite lines:

Maybe he had a harem. She liked the idea, in an envious sort of way.

*chuckle.* Such a Selina thought to have.

She watched his face as she snapped a Magnum on the monster, squeezed on lube. He didn’t take his eyes off it, even when she pushed two fingers into his ass, twisting and moaning softly, confirming that he was no stranger to penetration.

Hers was bigger than Batman’s.

Oh, Selina, of course they are.

She fantasized for a moment, it was him in the bunny’s position, being fucked by her. That they’d never tried, and probably never would, but she was sure he’d love it.

*melts a little.* Also, I bet she does fantasize about that often. ;)

She completely understood now, why Batman kept him. Maybe in a little hutch in that belfry.


Also, the last few lines make me wonder what kind of other bribes Batman's given her and who they were. *G*

on 2007-12-18 11:06 pm (UTC)
ext_55333: (bat bondage)
Posted by [identity profile]
It's the first time I've tried Selina's perspective, man she's fun. Alpha female. :D

I had those panels from Batman: Year One in my head the whole time, where she's complaining about men and there's this off-panel guy obviously enjoying some sort of trussed-up distress. Only natural she'd want the alpha male in town on the receiving end. XD

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

As for the other bribes? I think it's fun to speculate, hehe

on 2007-12-21 04:56 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Awsome. I love it.

on 2007-12-21 05:14 am (UTC)
ext_55333: (diana cuffed)
Posted by [identity profile]
Thank you . :)

on 2008-01-02 10:04 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
This is. Everything I could've possibly hoped for in a Selina/Wally fic. My God. I love her cool control, and how she pieces it all together, such intelligent writing. Love that she calls him bunny, it fits so well. Love how she plays him, glkfdg god Wally's the perfect toy. Never needing to recharge and only breaking if you really, really want him to.

Also I missed this update sooo I think I am going to have to friend you? I hope you don't mind?

on 2008-01-02 05:29 pm (UTC)
ext_55333: (wally suiting)
Posted by [identity profile]
I don't mind a bit. :D

I totally loved getting into her head for this. She was a little intimidating at first, because she's, y'know. Selina.

A subbie with a recovery time of a few seconds would certainly make a lot of the right kind of people jealous. :D

Thank you! XD

on 2008-10-14 01:51 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I have to say, this is one of my favorite fics with Selina. I adore your characterization of her. She's playful, but in control and she has this wonderful streak of deviousness. I love it!
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