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Team Fortress 2: Tentaspy/Scout, etc, you should know the drill by now.

And by thread, I mean, where it was originally posted on the chan. Things take a dire turn for the RED team, with Spy somewhere in the middle... if only it wasn't for the BLU Medic

Continued from Posts Two & Three...

BLU Base )
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I've been asked for this forever. I haven't looked at it in a long time, and I'm not going to; just give it over. Probably the end, open-ended though it may be. Enjoy.

A Long Way From Home

Bruce/Clark, NC-17. Violence, language, explicit m/m sex.

Part II: Fugitives )
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Fucked-up TF2 three-way rapefic co-authored with hupsoonheng, as she's known on the chan. The thread fell off /afanfic/ and people wanted to read this again, so, here you are.

And if you have a y!Gallery account, enjoy some lovely fanart.

Enjoy your messed up Spy topping Scout topping Medic.

Could You Look at This? )

There was going to be more, but it was never written; so this will have to satisfy you all. In retrospect, it's not the worst ending. Not all conclusions have to wrap everything up neatly, do they?
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Team Fortress 2: Tentaspy/Scout, Scout/Other Scout, peripheral Snipers, etc.

The RED team gets a few replacements for lost members; one in particular doesn't have a promising career ahead of him.

The original story as it has continued...

...a few months later... )
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A lovely person in the TF2 Circlejerk showed me how to somehow magically resurrect threads, so, I will be reposting the whole bit so far.

This is the backstory for Monster In The Water; Team Fortress 2 Tentaspy fic, mmkay? No pairings or sex, but it's still fucked up.

Use The Knife )
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The chan is down! Oh noes! Anyway. I wrote this silly thing and people seemed to like it. A friendly anon even did a cute little sketch:

It's fluffy Team Fortress 2 fic. No sex or anything. Just... Scout being a dick. And support class knitting. Feel free to laugh in my direction.

Real Men Knit )
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