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I've been asked for this forever. I haven't looked at it in a long time, and I'm not going to; just give it over. Probably the end, open-ended though it may be. Enjoy.

A Long Way From Home

Bruce/Clark, NC-17. Violence, language, explicit m/m sex.

Part II: Fugitives )

Sata & Tama

Nov. 6th, 2007 01:17 am
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Sometimes I make little sketchy sketches.

I don't share them because they're usually more like doodles of Wally's ass in panties (alright, so there's only one or two of those, but it's the first page of the book) and they're usually not very good. But.

Here's some bondage, starring Bruce and Clark. Kinda.

Tied to the bedpost... )

This comes from my story A Long Way From Home and makes me want to give Bruce a hug.

ETA: Wally's butt in panties. )

(And Shortpacked makes me laugh.)
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Yeah, slavery. It’s a recent theme. Well, this one’s more like advanced aliens having an interest in exotic pets. This is another completely unexpected and rather dark tale that appeared out of thin air to make my other projects suddenly vanish from my head until I did something about it.

Did I mention weird as hell? It's that, too.

It’s also Bruce/Clark, which makes it doubly unexpected. It all started from artwork by [ profile] goss (which contains nekked Clark butt, by the way.) I got all inspired, started writing, and, uh, kept writing, with quite a significant bit of a sudden epic hude-kinda story.

This is the first of a three parts. The other two are in my head, and shouldn’t be too far behind, and I’m pretty sure they’re called Fugitives and Landing. This is the second story I've had difficulty posting because of size. Jeeze.

A Long Way From Home

DC Comics. Bruce/Clark. NC-17; Dark themes, slavery, explicit (initially n/c) m/m sex.

Part one of three.

Sold by Gordanians as a matching pair of unique alien pets, without memories or identities, two strangers quickly learn they have to survive living in captivity... or, more preferably, escape it.

Captivity (Part One) )
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