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"Central City builds statues to this... fool. Who makes bad jokes, and concerns himself with pitiful men like the Trickster. I don't understand."

"No... you don't."

My other fanfic is located here.

Be advised that many of these stories include explicit male/male sex, violence, strong language, and occasional cross-dressing.

A Flash by Any Other Name

Set one year after the end of JLU, life has been as normal as it ever gets in the League for Batman and the Flash. But just as Bruce begins to get closer to Wally and express his longstanding admiration in his own way, a new enemy threatening the League... and pure bad luck... begin pushing them together and tearing them apart.

Chapter One: Cookies at Casa Soria
Chapter Two: Renovation
Chapter Three: Wayne Manor Hospitality
Chapter Four: Another Day at the Office
Chapter Five: Interlude at an Earthquake
Chapter Six: Disappearing Act
Chapter Seven: The Dark Flash
Chapter Eight: Faster Living Through Nanotechnology
Chapter Nine: Getting in Touch
Chapter Ten: Tearing Scars Off Hearts
Chapter Eleven: The Mistakes of Others
Chapter Twelve: Letters to Bruce
Chapter Thirteen: Power Struggle
Chapter Fourteen: Dealing with the Devil
Chapter Fifteen: Home
Chapter Sixteen: What You Least Expected
Chapter Seventeen: Forget Me Not
Chapter Eighteen: The Hand of Fate
Chapter Nineteen: Mind Games
Chapter Twenty: Trial Separation
Chapter Twenty-one: Impulse
Chapter Twenty-two: Distant Relations
Chapter Twenty-three: Questionable Motivations
Chapter Twenty-four: Appointments
Chapter Twenty-five: The Tangled Web
Chapter Twenty-six: Rogues Gallery
Chapter Twenty-seven: Custody
Chapter Twenty-eight: Natural Disaster
Chapter Twenty-nine: Possession
Chapter Thirty: Silent Conversation
Chapter Thirty-one: Moving In
Chapter Thirty-two: Bait & Switch
Chapter Thirty-three: Spies Like Us
Chapter Thirty-four: Showdown at Wayne Manor
Chapter Thirty-five: Secret Identities
Chapter Thirty-six: Fear & Love
Chapter Thirty-seven: Stealing From a Thief
Chapter Thirty-eight: Your Friends and Mine
Chapter Thirty-nine: Soldiers of the Wasteland


A little ficlet that takes place around chapter thirty-one of the first story, after Wally moves into Wayne Manor.

Life Under Glass

A cracky pair of fics done involving dreams and Disney movies. Has nothing to do with anything, but I had fun. :)

Wally and the Beast
A Dream is a Wish


Wally has died saving the lives of the Justice League, and perhaps the world; or has he? After letting someone get close, Bruce must deal with loss while still being dedicated to his mission, and it leads him into an unexpected relationship; while Wally fights to get home and gets caught up in a flurry of futures and conflicts in his way.

Chapter One: Mourning the Living
Chapter Two: Time, Warped
Chapter Three: The Kindness of Strangers
Chapter Four: Once & Future
Chapter Five: Letters to Wally
Chapter Six: Ancestry
Chapter Seven: The Nocturnal Wildlife of Gotham City
Chapter Eight: Fidelity
Chapter Nine: The Legacy of Villians
Chapter Ten: The Long Road Home
Chapter Eleven: Cold
Chapter Twelve: My Own Worst Enemy

Prophecies Fulfilled

After returning to his own life for a few weeks, Wally is back at Wayne Manor; under unusual circumstances that don't get any more rational, as some of what Wally saw in the future begins to unfold... in ways he never thought possible.

Unfinished... and likely to remain that way. I don't know if maybe I jumped the shark with mpreg or just lost steam with JLA fanfic in general, but I don't think this one's ever coming back to life. Regardless of the series remaining unfinished, I continue to get interest in the series and where it's at, so... there it is.

Chapter One: The Return of Kid Flash
Chapter Two: Valentine's Day
Chapter Three: Beer Night in Detroit
Chapter Four: When I'm Thirty-Four
Chapter Five: Trackers
Chapter Six: Family Affairs
Chapter Seven: The Way We Never Were
Chapter Eight: The Rules of Engagement
Chapter Nine: A Damsel in Distress

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