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A lovely person in the TF2 Circlejerk showed me how to somehow magically resurrect threads, so, I will be reposting the whole bit so far.

This is the backstory for Monster In The Water; Team Fortress 2 Tentaspy fic, mmkay? No pairings or sex, but it's still fucked up.

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The chan is down! Oh noes! Anyway. I wrote this silly thing and people seemed to like it. A friendly anon even did a cute little sketch:

It's fluffy Team Fortress 2 fic. No sex or anything. Just... Scout being a dick. And support class knitting. Feel free to laugh in my direction.

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First of all, so I don't contaminate it with my nonsense, go read Cuanta Vida. I don't care if you've ever even heard of TF2 or the most amazing/hilarious viral videos any video game ever produced ever if you're reading this little journal of mine you like consecutive art. So of all the webcomics I've read, you should know only that and Goodbye Chains ever made me fangirl over them. Anyway, it's possible the Scout Heironymus made might have rubbed off a bit in this. Just so you know.

Back from reading those? Sweet! Let us continue, shall we?

Alright, so, I wrote this Team Fortress 2 fic. Yeah, I know, wtf am I doing dabbling in other fandoms when so much of the DC lays wasting away in un-updated-land? It wasn't my fault! It was the fault of a small number of people, but the only one I'll name is [ profile] ugly_kitties because she's so awesome she did fanart. To see all of this image: if you have a Y!Gallery account, go here, but if you don't, theres a tf2chan /afanart/ thread that can also give you access.

The original post is also on tf2chan, where updates are very likely to occur way faster than here. I wasn't planning on updates, however... it seems there is a demand, so they'll happen.

Monster In The Water

Team Fortress 2: Tentaspy/Scout, Medic/Tentaspy

On both teams, the Spies have a short life expectancy; save one. A RED Scout with a danger fetish discovers why as he rails against his team’s reluctance to fight the BLUs and both sides grow wary of what lurks in the canals of the no man’s land at night.

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