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...I sure haven't been posting, have I?


I've just been taking a break from comics (hey, it happens!) and all that. Well, here's a few update-like things.

Take One for the Team is off ProBoards so now you can go and read threads as a guest, like from the thread logs on my character profiles!

Franz, BLU Spy & short German voyeur.
Oks, BLU Heavy & seven-foot friendly woman.
Dr. Voltaire, BLU Medic & sadistic French psychiatrist.
Anu, RED Tentaspy & pretty much just an intelligent predator.

I should have some more fic off the chan up here soon, too. All edited and formatted and not in danger of autosaging, hurrah! Well, that's all for now, just wanted anyone who's still watching to know I'm not dead, just hiding in another corner of the internet.

I also get asked a lot about where my ridic long Bruce/Wally fic is: in the appropriate tags for the time being! When I get to it, I'll be fixing links and such. But yeah, it's there.

And another thing!

On TOFT I maintain a roleplay guide that may be useful to not-TOFT people playing with TF2 OCs or that sort of thing. RP in general, if I may be so bold. RP & You.
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I have a TF2 OC. ::pause for heckling:: Alright, so yeah. He's a BLU Spy in Troop #266 and he's short and he's German and he drinks too much.

I've decided that I'll be throwing up selected finished threads in here (mostly for you, Fink) but others might be interested as well. Enjoy.

Target Practice - With Shimon the RED Scout
A debate over tactics begins, as well as confusion over some.. local behaviour.

Target Practice )

A Dangerous Game - With Clara the RED Pyro
Shenanigans on the battlefield turns into a lasting mutual hatred.

A Dangerous Game )

A Quiet Welcome - With Gideon the BLU Spy
Meeting the evening train leads to meeting the new friend, and one-sided conversation.

A Quiet Welcome )
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