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This chapter brought to you by old school rap and the J.C. Penny catalogue.

Prophecies Fulfilled

Bruce/Wally, R for bad language, violence, angst.

When Wally's powers misfire at the worst possible moment, he comes to realizes there might be something to Bruce's paranoia.

Chapter 9: A Damsel in Distress )
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Okay, I’ll admit.

This story started to intimidate the fuck out of me.

It’s been the source of the attention, small as it is, that I had in the fandomy sense of things. For good and bad. It’s been asked about by many people through email and comments since it became cursed and was lost or erased over four times.

And then, all of a sudden, it seemed like no effort to continue it would ever be good enough. This is like, my story, and it has to be good! I had to get over myself, and remember what the whole point of it was. To have fun and play with my boys.

Maybe this won't be the perfect story. But at least I'm actually writing it again.

So I do apologize for the very very VERY long delay.

Prophecies Fulfilled

Bruce/Wally, references to past Bruce/Clark. NC-17 for screaming and yelling and explicit m/m sex.

Bruce and Wally have not been coping very well. In an effort to help, Bruce and J'onn arrange a meeting of “the boys” of the League council... as a therapy session.

Chapter 8: The Rules of Engagement )
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As reality begins to set in, Wally makes his choices in the face of doctors, dreams, and being generally overwhelmed.

Beta by [ profile] merfilly. :)

Chapter Seven: The Way We Never Were )
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Wally hasn't been feeling well; Bruce is firm about him getting it checked out. Some recon with Dick, chasing strange phenomena with Ralph, and things get interrupted by unforeseen consequences.

Beta by [ profile] merfilly.

Chapter Six: Family Affairs )
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Wally returns to Justice League duty, as well as patrolling Gotham as Shadow; and a conversation with Robin leads to some questions on the matter of tracking devices. NC-17.

Beta by [ profile] merfilly.

Chapter Five: Trackers )
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It's Bruce's birthday. Gotham's elite are all going to be there, along with quite a few other characters, and Angela Hastings; and Bruce has quite the question for Angie.

Beta by [ profile] merfilly and [ profile] ilyena_sylph.

Chapter Four: When I'm Thirty-Four )
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