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For posterity, later reference, etc. Edited for relevance.

The FlashScout )

The Tentascootfamily )
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I can't believe I've never posted this before. It's only my favourite scene.

I let you touch me... )

There, that's better.
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This issue makes me want to take back everything I ever bitched about with this mini. I had a sneaking suspicion that would happen, but seriously. I guess I can't feel bad for not having outthunk an evil speedster. (Or Geoff Johns, but, you know.) And why they upgraded it to 6 issues instead of 5 becomes so very obvious.

I enjoyed the fuck out of this issue. Those in my life that have listened to me sitting in a passenger seat ranting about this series may be very surprised by this information.

It doesn't hurt that I really, really love speedster fights, and this one was epic.

Impulse? )

Seriously, evil speedsters are the worst. They don't just fight you. They go after everything you love and destroy it. Because they're that evil.
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To break my new-post on this journal virginity, a few snippets from one of my favourite comic runs, Y: The Last Man published by Vertigo. The premise is simple; every male mammal on earth is wiped out. Except for a young man named Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. Chaos ensues while Yorick sets out on a journey to find his girlfriend and help find a way to save the human race. And it's amazing.

I don't want to spoil any plot, so here I won't be offering commentary. If you haven't read it already, I just hope this urges you to give it a try.

Beware of Knitting Needles )

I love that last one; it's from this scene where the nun really does come off a bit loopy until she lays down a line of logic difficult to argue with. I think, anyway.
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Team Fortress 2: Tentaspy/Scout, Scout/Other Scout, peripheral Snipers, etc.

The RED team gets a few replacements for lost members; one in particular doesn't have a promising career ahead of him.

The original story as it has continued...

...a few months later... )
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A lovely person in the TF2 Circlejerk showed me how to somehow magically resurrect threads, so, I will be reposting the whole bit so far.

This is the backstory for Monster In The Water; Team Fortress 2 Tentaspy fic, mmkay? No pairings or sex, but it's still fucked up.

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